Briefly, we are a Brazilian woman and a Swedish man who met in the summer of 2011 in a small Caribbean island. No, we were not on vacation, but participated in a project of a humanitarian organization that offers volunteer work around the world. After three years of volunteering in the Caribbean, Africa, Brazil and Sweden, “Be the Charge” was born. It is the result of experiences and shared dreams.

Bob van den Eijkhof
Anthropologist specializing in culture shock, has been performing volunteer work for the last 15 years. Bob, who was grown up in a Christian missionary family, has lived in 5 countries on three different continents. Working as a volunteer at the children center of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in India; with agriculture and Media in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; and education and media in Mozambique. Today Bob is part of an humanitarian organization with teens and young refugees in Sweden.

Taís González
Taís is a journalist who has been active as a volunteer for almost 20 years. Her first experience as a volunteer was with a Christian organization, recovering addicts in São Paulo, Br. In São Paulo she also worked caring for people in situation of extreme poverty and in many areas in environmental protection organizations. Moreover, she worked with organic farm and mitigation of climate change impacts in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In Mozambique she worked with education, environment (organic farm and permaculture) and community development. She is currently a volunteer in two large organizations linked to the protection of the environment and humanitarian aid.

Get involved, be the change!


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