For our second project we are going in February and March, 2016, to three different initiatives in three different areas in Mozambique. It is a place where we went as volunteers before, and so some people we know reached out to us.

1926134_221768861362517_1995823238_o– First of all we are going to a place called Beira, where a Mozambican has started “Casa dos sonhos” (The Dream house) an initiative in an abandoned hotel in the city. People who don’t have a place to live have found their refuge in this hotel. For the children and teenagers who live there he teaches theater, dance, music and he also supports mothers in the area through health education. Now the initiative will start a new pilot project “PROJETO-PRAIAS-LIMPAS” (Clean Beaches), which will focus on these mothers. They will gather recyclable material on the beaches and sell this to companies. The total cost of the project will be more than we can manage, that’s why we would like to focus on two things: We would like to help them by providing safe material and transportation for one year. The amount they need for this is 2000 dollars.

– Secondly we are going to Lamego, a small village outside Beira. There an initiative has been started by Alfredo Araujo. The projects sets up recreational activities for children and teenagers (AJAD). Now they also want to support women through teaching them how to make clothes by sowing. For this they need at least two sowing machines and material. The cost for this is 300 dollars.

– Thirdly we will go to Vilanculos to volunteer in a community project. The couple that will host us have been starting a vocational school, a place where all sorts of work is needed. This is one of the most touristic place in Mozambique where people have become depended on others handing out things and not learned to be self-sustainable as is needed. We would like to help this initiative by providing them with two laptops, which will be used for both computer classes and for administrational use. We don’t put down this as a cost since we hope of a direct donation of two laptops.

All of these three projects has been started by Mozambicans themselves. The aim of Be the Change is to support grassroot initiatives like these and help them grow to support their surroundings.

Crowdfunding here!

  • More information coming soon!


For those of you who somehow have been involved in our first project “Uganda”, we are tremendously grateful!

Together we:
– Inspired people in Sweden (especially the children of two particular schools: Skytteholmsskolan and FuturaSkolan) and people around the word to be part in a small project that impacted over 2000 people in Uganda.
– Encouraged them to use recreational activities with the learning tool of the toys that was donated;
– Started to build a rainwater collecting and storage system (they will continue to work on it);
– Taught and encouraged them to use the SODIS (Solar water disinfection) system to clear the water;
– Provided free workshops for the youth;
– Made a Christmas feast for over 1500 people;
– Promoted culture by showing movies out in the village;
– Provided school material for 300 children;
– Received a donation of 20 laptops, with these, they are planning to start computer classes;
– With the donation of some seeds and the money that we raised we encouraged them to start growing an organic garden, the idea is to use the water that will come from the rainwater collecting system.

We’re looking forward for the next project!
Here you can see some of the thousand of smiles that we created together over there!


Uganda Project will impact a small community in Kamuli District, three hours from Kampala, Uganda. We are going to travel to an orphanage/school in Kirolo that has over 300 children. If we get the necessary resources we will construct waterspouts, three classrooms, and organize a great Christmas feast for children in this community. Moreover we will also promote and empower people by holding free workshops about: alternatives ways of teaching (through playful learning), nutrition, health (care for newborn and early childhood), organic farming and recycling.

Click on this picture to see more:


How you can help:
– Suggestions for pedagogical playful practices in order to develop children’s learning; √
– Low cost nutritional advice for dining at school;
– Donation of toys – Our project would like give toys for 300 children. √
– Donation of seeds – We would like deploy an organic garden at the school to serve as an environmental education and food for students. √
– Donation of school and teaching materials – We would like to provide educational materials for 300 children at the orphanage, as well as work material for the teachers. √
– Marketing suggestions for the orphanage; √
– Volunteers, if you are interested to go with us to Uganda, please contact us at ;
– Promoting our site and our first project; √
– If you want to help or donate, send us an email.

$ 1.200,00 – To make waterspouts and collecting rainwater in a tank that can hold 100000 liter of water. √
$ 5.700,00 – Building a three room block, for new much needed classrooms.
$ 150,00     – The cost of school fees per child per year.
$ 1.000,00 – For the Christmas dinner of 500 children. We will organize the Christmas feast for the children of the orphanage, but we would like be able to hold an open feast for the children of the entire community! For this, we need your help! √

Where we are right now:
Read the final version of our project, the amount we raised and the objectives for the orphanage and school: Uganda Project
We get so many donations and contributing outside this campaign and we are deeply grateful for all of you that take action to do something in this project, even the small act have a big impact in our hearts and will have a big impact in Uganda!

Our project is heading in the right direction and we are really happy. It is a open project, it means that everyone can jump in and contributing with ideas, action, suggestions, sharing knowledge, promoting our initiative or just send us good wishes!

Here is how the Uganda Project looks like right now:
* Donation of 20 laptops;
* Donation of hospital material;
* Donation of seeds;
* The Skytteholmsskolan (a public school in Stockholm) supported the project on the 24th Oct. we talked with over 400 children about the differences in this world and about our project. The school is collecting money for specifically for school material for the orphanage and next week is the deadline and we will see how much we received
* FuturaSkolan (a private school in Stockholm) supports the project by collecting toys for the children of the orphanage on the 5th Dec and the older students of the school will be responsible of packing the toys as a part of their extracurricular activities. The school will also send a letter for the parents about the Project.
* The students of these two schools will make Christmas cards for the children of the orphanage/school in Uganda.
* We received, trough the campaign on Indiegogo, a specific donation for the construction of a system of collection and storage of water. – It will be a great help for the organic garden that we will cultivate!

What Be the Change is going to do:
* Pay for a Christmas feast for the children of the orphanage;
* Holding workshops for the youth about: permaculture, food safety, climate change, gender equality;
* Also holding workshops for the whole community about: gender equality, climate change, food safety, and health;
* Cultivate an organic farm;
* Implement a SODIS method – Solar water disinfection – how to disinfected water and make it drinkable using rays of the sun;
* Helping in the construction of the Water System;
* Make “Thank you Cards” with the children in Uganda for the children in Sweden;
* Promoting a Film Festival in the Kirolo community;
* Buy and distribute school material.
What the Uganda Project still needs:
* Suggestions for pedagogical playful practices in order to develop children’s learning;
* Low cost nutritional advice for dining at school;
* Get 100% of the campaign in Indiegogo!!! – If this happens Be the Change will building a three room block, for new much needed classrooms.

What is to come:
* The week before we leave (13th Dec) we will have the plan for our project ready, since we’ll have the final resources that we received.
* We are talking with different organizations in Uganda to connect the orphanage with them. One that we are very happy is the possibility to have TASO, an HVI drama group that will talking about prevention and lifestyle.

Please help us to make it possible and share the Uganda Project!

Here you can donate directly. If you want he money to go to something specific, write an email to us at: and tell us. Thank you so much for your generous action. This will be of great help for the orphanage, the school and for the whole community!


There are many challenges in Uganda, a third of the population lives below the poverty line,  two million children are orphans. The country is however after many years of decline in a positive trend, with a positive economic trend and the number of HIV-infected people has stagnated, but there is still a need to support people in building a sustainable society and the need for help the multitude who still suffer from the consequences from grave poverty.


Here are some pictures from the school and orphanage of the children in the project that we are supporting. In this area, there are too many children who do not go to school. The parents cannot afford to send them away. This orphanage gives the children a change to go to school, giving them the knowledge that is necessary for their future and how they can become a social actors and take responsibility in their own communities.

706021_482351938482791_2046503840_o  551116_623956344322349_1456684935_n 563633_548912228493428_2061474867_n 459726_482364015148250_1884905647_o 1239579_623956437655673_873715113_n

598627_482365348481450_412657121_n 1239052_623956667655650_341213055_n 859821_666989916685658_1411954997_o

598417_482363981814920_1126142174_nJonathan Tusubira (picture) and his wife are the founders of this orphanage in Kamuli district of Uganda. Hi, his wife and a few other staff are now taking care of 310 children in this orphanage. There, the children receives education, food, a roof over their heads and a lot of  love and care. Please share your ideas how we can improve this project. Write here on this homepage or send us an email at:

Thank you!

  Supporters and sponsors of this project:

Sofanyama Kunda      536133_546318772047910_2030452761_n   Logga_250_2007_2008   Futuraskolan


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