Life after hate

Here is an amazing story about a man who had built up his identity around an ideology that hates people who are different. Hate is the opposite of Love. Hate separates, Love unites. Hate creates fear and conflict, Love unites and brings peace.






Here are two videos on how to define a successful life. These people come to an understanding that it has nothing to do with being famous, accumulating material goods or how much money one makes. Why not, right now, try to answer this question yourself! By doing so you will teach yourself an amazing lesson in life. Get inspired, and be the change!


Where we will go

Here Is a small clip about an abandoned hotell in Beira. These days its a place for homeless people who doesn’t have anywhere to go. We intend to help “Casa dos Sonhos” (House of Dreams) an organisation which is active here by teaching children and teenagers dance and theater. They want to start a project specifically aimed to help the women living here. The goal is to teach and organize them as a collective group who will clean the beach, select the recyclable material and then sell it in order to support themselves and their children.

Here is our crowdfunding site,  a link to help us help them

“Love everybody”

A saint man preaching about peace with his smile and banner at Mumbai´s streets

Krishna Das is a man who, for more than 10 years now, has been spreading the message of peace and love to one of the most turbulent cities. Moreover, his message has  been delivered in many others places and touched many hearts around the world.

Watch his story and also be inspired to follow your religion by loving everybody! ❤