There’s still time

Right now we are searching for our next project! Let´s to do it together? If you would like to help us, just send a suggestion of a small organisation, initiative or a contact from someone who doing a great job in helping others and our world! It can be anywhere in the world!
The idea is find a place which really needs help. Prioritize the needs, develop an action plan for this place, raise funds and embark on the trip!
Share this idea and join the movement of the change. Together we can do much more!
Be the Change is a platform of mobilization for the crowdfunding of projects which is also developed in a collective way!


A challenge for anyone interested in a life changing experience

Outreach in Latvia, is a charity project led by Tjebbo van den Eijkhof of Sweden. Tjebbo have been brought teams to Latvia for more than 20. This years they are about 400 volunteers and they are going to Rezekne from 22nd of February to 1st of March, 2015. During this project they’ll work closely with Rezekne local government and social departments to reach families and people in dire need. This is a place where you can practically help people who have very little or nothing at all. For more information: