AJAD – Associação de jovens e adolescentes divertindo (association of youth and teens fun), suggestion by Alfredo Araujo, co-founder and coordinator of the project.

The AJAD, was created in 2008 in District Pecuária-Lamego, Mozambique. The association aims to reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS, through cultural, educational and sports activities beyond physical assistance for disabled and orphans/vulnerable children. The actions also seek to prevent violence and promote a culture of peace.

With the help of partners such as local governments, religious leaders and donors, AJAD has conducted the following activities:

* Education. CrDSC00131eation of 10 pre-schools serving together about 500 students. In each school they have just a single teacher;

* Agricultural Activities. The association works within two areas allocated at a corn field and the other at an organic farm. However, after the production of half a ton of vegetables in 2013, the water pump burned which made impossible to continue this activity in this year, 2014;

* Health. Through a group of volunteers AJAD promotes debate and carries information about HIV, Cholera, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Besides teaching about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and the caring of babies to women, the association also assists people with disabilities forwarding them to the center responsible for monitoring and treatment required;

* Sports. The association encourages children, youth and adults to participate in activities related to football. There are 23 teams consisting of both men and woman, with more than 180 individuals participating in local and district events;

DSC00511* Culture. Over 100 children and adolescents and about 70 ladies participate in groups of traditional dances.

According to the coordinator all these activities has already exceed the expectations, however there is still much more to do and without constant support the association can’t sustain the projects that already started or develop more projects. The main needs of AJAD are:

1 They need their own facilities;
2 Material and office supplies / school, computers, cameras to record activities, etc .;
3 Funding (donations) for maintenance of existing activities;
4 volunteers to carry out the activities.

This the words from Alfredo:10584294_318829171629617_140477467_n
We really appreciate the efforts of all the partners and all of you who can support
our initiatives to achieve the set objectives. To all of you, a special thanks!

If you would like to help Alfredo and his association with ideas, volunteer work, donations, material or anything your creativity allows, write an email to: anoticearaujo@gmail.com

DSC00129   DSC00970   DSC01335 DSC01205DSC01986DSC01639


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